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I am a retired US Army Special Forces veteran and a retired police officer from Seattle, Washington.

I have been a firearms instructor over 30 years beginning with my time as a member of the Ft. Bragg, NC pistol team, where I learned the fundamentals of marksmanship. I also served 2 years as a drill instructor for the US Army at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri teaching Basic Rifle Marksmanship to recruits. I then joined US Army Special Forces, serving in Ft. Lewis, Washington. I am a Special Forces sniper and have additional advanced weapons certifications from Special Forces. My time as a Green Beret enabled me to become an effective trainer with extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of marksmanship and tactics to employ weapons.

I am a certified pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor from Washington State Criminal Justice Academy.

During my time as a police officer, I taught new police officer’s basic and advanced firearms techniques and tactics as well as shotgun and rifle classes to senior officers. I have also taught officers attempting to become pistol and rifle instructors. I have attended Glock firearms instructor classes where I obtained instructor certification from Glock.

Firearms Classes

I have taught thousands of people in the fundamentals of marksmanship as well as advanced classes. I know I can provide you with the information and practical experience you need to become a knowledgeable, responsible and proficient weapons handler.

Not only must you know how to efficiently use your weapon, you must know when to employ deadly force, should the need arise. Being responsible with a weapon means having a full understanding of local laws dealing with deadly force and self defense. I will ensure you are trained with the knowledge you need to make wise decisions.

The mission of OSS Tactical is to provide my students with the knowledge, techniques and tactics that will give them the ADVANTAGE in a deadly force encounter.  My time in Special Forces and as a Police Firearms Instructor has provided me with techniques and tactics that are proven in the real world and has enabled me to be a survivor.

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I have had the opportunity to be trained by some of the best firearms instructors in the world and look forward to passing my knowledge on to you. If you want to be trained by one of the best, I hope to see you at one of my classes. Please contact me for upcoming classes.

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