OSS Tactical Women & Children Firearm Classes

In today’s world, more and more women are seeking out concealed weapon permit classes and defensive pistol classes to ensure their safety and protect their children.

Women & Children concealed weapon and Firearm Classes
Self Defense is your right ; OSS Tactical Firearms classes will give you the confidence you need to deal with any threat that appears

I can teach you and your children how to safely and effectively operate your weapon of choice to increase your chances of surviving a critical incident or attack on your life. It is crucial to know gun safety along with maintaining situational awareness to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

In critical times, you can only rely on yourself and your abilities to survive an attack. Knowing what to look for can increase your chances of not becoming a victim. I will provide you with the necessary information that will allow you to identify possible attackers. I will advise you in carrying a concealed weapon.

This training is real world, scenario based training that will build your confidence that you can safely, legally and morally protect yourself and loved ones.

woman firearm training classes
Every woman can defend herself with the right training from OSS Tactical

If your children are mature enough to understand and follow instructions, I will be happy to provide training that will allow them to understand and safely handle a firearm (pistol or rifle). My training is conducted under strict safety parameters maximizing safety for all involved.

I encourage you to contact me for your class. I thank you in advance for trusting me to provide you with this critical training. This is a serious program that might change your life.

Costs – Women’s firearms self defense class – $125

Costs – Children’s self defense class – $75

Students are required to bring eye protection, hearing protection, baseball cap, weapon and a minimum of 150 rounds. Contact me if you do not have a weapon.

OSS Tactical is located in Newnan, GA and have a full facility to accommodate any class that I offer. Call Us 360-556-0696.