Advanced Concealed Weapon Carry Class

Now that you have your concealed weapons permit, it is time to build upon your foundation. Being able to effectively access and present your weapon from concealment is crucial to survival. Our class will provide you with the knowledge and practical application to be successful in a lethal force encounter. This is the next step to ensure you can be a survivor should you need to use deadly force while legally carrying your weapon.

I will provide you with training that is realistic for everyday life. The real life, scenario based training you will receive will build your confidence and ability. You will be taught how to quickly and safely draw from a concealed carry position and engage any threats you may encounter. You will learn to quickly have your weapon pointed at the threat from the draw. I will teach you proven techniques and tactics to give you the best chances of surviving your deadly force encounter.

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Class will be approximately 4 hours long. There is classroom instruction prior to live fire.  You should wear everyday clothing and carry your weapon in the location you would normally. You will need approximately 150 rounds of ammunition for your weapon, eye protection, baseball cap (recommended, not necessary), and additional magazine pouches (if you carry additional magazines). Dependent upon the weather, please wear or bring appropriate clothing for any inclement weather.

Cost for the Advanced Concealed Carry class is $125

Advanced Conceal Carry Instruction in Newnan, GA.

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